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TrumpetBox Contactless Kiosk System

Business marketing and outbreak SMS notification kiosk.

The TrumpetBox Contactless Kiosk is a business marketing and outbreak SMS notification kiosk system that turns your clients mobile phone into an information kiosk with powerful notification abilities. TrumpetBox kiosk is an access point that clients connect to on location and view your interactive kiosk interface to perform services or opt-in to receive notifications while in person through their mobile devices at a safe distance.

TrumpetBox gives you the power to deliver your kiosk interface to multiple clients simultaneously on their mobile devices and collect relevant information directly from them at distances of 30 plus feet away.

TrumpetBox has the flexibility to be a useful solution in every industry, it runs on low power devices, requires no cellular data or internet, deploys fast, and can scale quickly. With our smart kiosk system you can replace standard forms, improve safety conditions, easily distribute outbreak notifications, and increases productivity.

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TrumpetBox Contactless Kiosk System


What are the components of the system?

TrumpetBox Cloud

TrumpetBox Cloud

TrumpetBox Cloud is the web platform used for the administration of SMS actions and automation of exclusive communications to clients.

TrumpetBox Kiosk IoT

TrumpetBox Kiosk

TrumpetBox Contactless Kiosk is an IoT device that serves as the access point between your clients and your business. Clients connect and perform services.

TrumpetBox Android

TrumpetBox Android

TrumpetBox Android Admin Application works with an optional cloud subscription and is responsible for the sending and receiving of SMS from your Android device.

TrumpetBox Aura OS

Your Business

With your TrumpetBox plug and play kiosk you will collect marketing lists that you can view or export, comply with contact tracing laws, and improve your business safety on autopilot.

How TrumpetBox Helps


TrumpetBox helps your business increase safety and productivity

  • Generate Reports

    View data in admin panel or generate a csv download for record keeping or to print.

  • Multi-Platform

    Available across multiple device types and operating sytems

  • Location Based

    Creates an on-site geo-location based contactless kiosk prevent remote no shows and increases accuracy

  • Mobile First Design

    Choose from various interfaces and start collecting data in seconds

  • Eliminate Transfer of Germs

    Remove hand to hand contact and contact through communal devices

  • Contact Tracing

    Maintain contact tracing records or simply follow up with clients through our TrumpetBox Cloud Platform.

  • Social Distancing

    Eliminate long lines and practice safe social distancing from distances at 30 plus feet away

  • Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995

    Replaces standardized forms to reduce paperwork and enhance the economy and environment

How TrumpetBox Works


Turn your clients personal mobile device into a kiosk interface


Your clients find and connect to hotspot SSID: InAndOut

connect to trumpetbox

View Interface

Clients will have instant access to your information kiosk interface

view kiosk interface

Perform Services

Replace standardized forms and collect relevant data from clients

perform services

TrumpetBox Screenshot


Our mobile first design looks great on any device


TrumpetBox Demo Interfaces


Test out TrumpetBox interfaces to learn more


Healthcare Screening Interface


Contactless Kiosk

TrumpetBox Aura OS offers digital kiosk interfaces for multiple industry solutions. Our software kiosk design will enforce truly contactless self service operations for your indoor or outdoor information kiosk needs. Trumpet Marketing Technologies delivers custom kiosk software design for tradeshow booth kiosk, food truck menu kiosk, restaurant kiosk, game kiosk, job kiosk, privacy kiosk, and other custom kiosk machines.



Choose from multiple TrumpetBox Aura OS Interfaces

TrumpetBox Software


Optional Software for the easy Administration

Frequently asked Question

TrumpetBox Aura OS is an operating system that creates a unique offline experience that aides in the process of effectively communicating a message or in the promotion of businesses, products, persons, groups, goods, information, and services to people directly on their WiFi enabled mobile devices while on the go.
To operate your TrumpetBox is simple. Turn it on. Connect to your TrumpetBox hotspot (ssid) on your phone or laptop. Your browser will automatically open to your contactless kiosk interface. To retrieve the submitted information open your browser to your admin panel to view or download data.
For those around you to engage with what you are sharing on your TrumpetBox, they simply get on their phone or laptop and connect to your TrumpetBox hotspot (ssid). Once connected they will automatically have access to the content you control.
Yes, You can change what you are sharing on your TrumpetBox. Each TrumpetBox Aura OS version has a specific interface, you can purchase different interfaces or request a custom interface. Simply go online and visit Trumpet Marketing Tech Shop.
Trumpeteer is someone who uses a TrumpetBox Aura to create a unique offline experience that aides in the effective promotion of businesses, products, persons, groups, goods, information, and services to people directly on their WiFi enabled mobile devices while on the go.
Use your TrumpetBox Aura and TrumpetBox Cloud together with your cellular carrier's unlimited SMS plan as a cheap and cost-effective solution for marketing, bulk SMS and contract tracing notifications.
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A growing library of tutorials and new developments.

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